If you are involved in ministry in Europe / the Euro-zone you will know how much time and commission fees you spend on having your fundsvexchanged. Every time you transfer money you have charges which are in fact funds that could be made available to your family and ministry here.   


Participation in the ABC money exchange service reduces your handling costs considerably and makes more funds available for your ministry.
ABC does not make a profit from this service. The only requirements are that the costs related to the service are covered. The annual subscription fee is 47,50 € per year.  Foreign funds needing to be changed into Euros, are changed at a preferential rate (= the rate that ABC-Ministries obtains adjusted with 0,01).

How does it work?

Funds are sent as a check to the ABC-office.
There they are grouped together in batches and deposited at a wholesale exchange office.
This ensures that:

  • a  preferential exchange rate is passed on to the participants
  • the costs are minimized, as this is spread out over all  the participants
  • the participants bank account is credited within a couple of days

* Funds coming from Holland:  Gifts for NGO’s in Belgium are centralized in Holland in one bank account, from where the totals per designee are distributed to the designated accounts, once per month. A monthly list with all the donor information is supplied to the designated NGO.
The NGO needs to submit the year account and budget to ABC so that we have proof of where the gifts are going to.
Advantages: Dutch gifts are tax-deductible for the donor in Holland if the gifts are given to a recognized NGO. Personal gifts are not possible.

* Funds coming from the US or Canada:  Checks written out in US$ or Can $ from a US or Canadian bank account can be sent to ABC. Gifts can then be tax- deductible in the sending country if taxpayers send their funds through a charitable organization like a church or an organization.
ABC changes these checks into Euros on a two-weekly base.

* Funds coming from Great Britain: Checks can be written out from an individual’s bank account, church or missionary organization and be sent to the ABC office. If taxpayers send their funds through a charitable organization in Britain then the charity can reclaim the tax benefit for ministry use. These checks can be changed by ABC into euro on a two-weekly base.

 * Funds from other countries need to be discussed on an individual basis. 

For further information please contact us: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. tel: 016/62.31.72 

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